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“ I was very pleased with the EB2-NIW visa consulting service provided by the team. They were very effective at all stages, advising us at all stages with the doubts that arose during the process, especially in the final stages, in contact with the American Consulate, the final interview and even throughout our process of moving to the USA . I take this opportunity to emphasize that at the American Consulate in Brazil for the final interview, the work was praised by the consular officer for organizing all documents and presenting the case. ”

Rangel Rodrigues

(Information Security Expert)


“I’m a professional working for a large multinational company in the automotive area, with extensive experience in my field. I had a desire to apply for a Green Card and legally immigrate to the United States with my family. My employer used to sponsor some employees, but I preferred to opt for a visa that would neither be linked to a company nor subjected to a fixed term. I heard about the EB2-NIW and sought out some American lawyers to learn more about this option. However, I was informed that I would not qualify for an EB2-NIW because I did not yet have a master's or doctorate degree. I tried to find other ways and was referred to DELL'OME LAW FIRM. They gave me a lot of confidence and security with an extremely professional, transparent and effective consultancy. I applied for a Green Card via EB2-NIW and received direct approval of my case in eight months. I am very satisfied with the quality of service and the support provided in this life transition trajectory.”

James Godden

(Mechanical Engineer)

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